Festivals, events, cellar tours and of course, wineries. When you visit the XXII. district of Budapest, they want to make sure that you are well informed about the numerous ways of entertainment. This app serves as the base of their ongoing effort: Creating an easy way for residents and visitors to be informed, while building a solid user base to promote culture to. Our role in this partnership is to provide technical assistance so they can achieve this goal.

Expandability is key

Launched for the wine festival, the app is much more than a festival guide. Events and wineries are accessible all year, and you can enjoy regular cellar tours as well. Future plans are in place to expand the coverage even further by including not strictly wine related venues.

Social media integration

One of the key channels to reach our end users is social media. By using features like custom url schemes, and deep linking, we are aiming to integrate the app with existing social media platforms. Instead of trying to lock our users into a new system, we intend to keep it as open as possible. The goal is to support content that is made available on social media platforms by providing an easily accessible place with additional information.

Scope of work

Web development

  • Ruby on Rails based backend.
  • Built on ActiveAdmin for rapid development.
  • Powered by a docker based environment that we set up on the client's server.

Mobile development

  • Native iOS and Android apps.
  • iOS app was written in Swift.
  • Android app was written in Java.

UI/UX design

  • We have designed the user interface based on client's vision.
  • The UI is based on tested and proven UI components from our code library.
  • We used Zeplin for effective client communication.